To the Left: Welcome to New Wave Journalism

In this special episode, Sylvia interviews Aja to learn more about what’s next for The Mainline and various projects the publication is getting into this summer, including its brand new Patreon which is live as of today, June 1.

Aja talks about life on the road since leaving Atlanta to work on her new book projects, including ‘The Land of the Let Go: A documentation of the working class in post-Trump & COVID America.’ The Patreon will host stories from the book as well as community discussions in antiracist and antifascist work, which includes the inner revolution of dismantling our internalized capitalism and white supremacy. This type of documentation and reporting, Aja argues, is New Wave Journalism. (Note: This isn’t a thing commonly referred to yet, but can be thought of as a modern-day extension of New Journalism. Join us on Patreon, you’ll see.)

To subscribe to our Patreon and be part of this process, go to You can join for as little as $5 a month and receive all bonus content. All subscription proceeds go to benefit The Mainline and directly fund local independent journalism in Atlanta. #solidaritynotcharity

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