Premiere: MORE, No Time At All”

MORE emerges from the ashes of Abby Gogo to release its delightfully dark single No Time at All

Okay, class. Let’s start out the day with our favorite subject: Atlanta indie rock history! Local heavy psych stalwarts Abby Gogo formed in 2005 with twin brothers Jon (guitar/vocals) and Bon Allinson (bass/vocals) along with drummer Puma Navarro. Together, they dealt out heavy, fuzzed-out rock for the better part of a decade before parting ways in 2014.

Following Abby Gogo\’s split, Bon and Navarro went on to create the more bluesy, guitar-centric outfit A Drug Called Tradition with bassist Asha Lakra. Meanwhile, Jon moved to Pensacola in 2016 and began writing music with minimal expectations. Abby Gogo briefly reunited in 2018 to release its sophomore LP A Perfect Whatever via Psych Army Records, which was originally recorded in 2010. Jon then returned to Atlanta in spring 2019 armed with songs he’d written during his hiatus and ready to dust them off.

MORE, the band (from left to right): Bon Allinson (bass/guitar/vocals), Jimmy Eastwood (drums), Jon Allinson (guitar/vocals). Photo credit: Brett Falcon / Courtesy: MORE.

Now, the Allinson Brothers are back with—quite literally—More, in every sense of the word. Recruiting percussionist Jimmy Eastwood, they have fleshed out a more robust sound than they’ve ever had before. In breaking from their psych rock roots, More is a fresher, smarter incarnation of the Allinsons\’ previous work together and begins a new chapter in these ATL long-timers’ musical history.

This brings us to the present and the new music at hand with More\’s first officially released single No Time At All in anticipation of their self-titled debut EP release later this spring. The track hits hard, but stays snappy. It\’s murky, yet brightly melodic. Clocking in at over five and a half minutes, “No Time At All” pulls out all the stops: icy synths, distorted walls of noise, strident guitars, hardy vocal harmonies. More has certainly studied some history themselves, referencing alternative rock spanning about two decades in a single recording. “No Time at All” is for the new wave, grunge, and shoegaze history buff in you.

MORE plays with Arbor Labor Union, Thousandaire, & Grand Vapids at the EARL on Thurs., Jan. 30. $8. Doors at 8:30pm.

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