Ep. 65: Mainline News Hour: Black Voters Matter

What is voting without organizing? If you vote without demanding action from your elected officials – regardless of who wins – then what is the point of being a citizen of a democratic society?

Movements like Stop Cop City have taught us the importance of using our voices, our feet, our bodies, even when – no, especially when – our elected officials ignore us. That doesn’t always inspire a desire to anticipate upcoming elections and cast our ballots. But that’s why it’s January 5th and we’re already talking about the congressional midterms. Our votes are one more tool in our arsenal, and this year we’re building on the momentum of years past.

The triumph of our voices – one way or another – is inevitable. Here to discuss the how we’re joined by Fenika Miller of Black Voters Matter with host Sylvia Johnson.

To learn more about Black Voters Matter visit https://blackvotersmatterfund.org/

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