Ep. 59: Correcting the narrative on Cop City

This week, Aja returns behind the mic with Jess Izard—contributor and now-business manager at the Mainline—to air an important episode in the practice of media reparations, as envisioned and outlined by Media 2070. In this episode, Aja and Jess turn their critical media lenses to a previous broadcast of the Mainline Podcast and Mainline News Hour episode on WRFG.

On Sept. 10, the Mainline aired an episode of its news hour on WRFG (labeled Episode 48 on the Mainline Podcast) following Atlanta City Council’s vote to authorize a ground lease of 381 acres of green space to the Atlanta Police Foundation for $10 a year. In this episode, guest Ryan Gravel spoke of another case and legal strategy which leaned on a “logic” that protesters of the city-state are potentially harmful to constituents. This narrative is false, has no bearing, and should not have been legitimized on our broadcast, in any context.

Aja atones for her role as an editor and journalist in that moment, as well as further explains the harm of the narrative. Jess and Aja read a critical feedback letter sent to the editor following the broadcast beautifully explaining the danger of the neoliberal fascism as it’s being displayed in both Atlanta city government and mainstream media. All these elements combine bring us to the movement of media reparations and why it’s so important to continue this practice. Listen in for more.

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