Ep. 36: In regards to Rep. Park Cannon’s arrest

Aja discusses the events that unfolded in Georgia on Thurs., March 25, which as Sen. Raphael Warnock described as a “rustling in the soul of the state of Georgia.” The podcast begins with Rep. Park Cannon’s arrest at the Georgia capitol as Gov. Brian Kemp signed voter suppression bill SB 202 into law, then dives into some history of voter suppression, details of this latest round of Jim Crow, and details of HB 286. Disclaimer: This is not a usual episode of The Mainline Podcast. Here the reporter is a little more human than reporter, a little more Malcolm than Martin, and a little more real than fake.

DARC panel, “Rejecting Reform”: https://www.pscp.tv/w/cyu8BTF3QktBcnlObGVualB8MVlxR295TFB6YUV4drYFMjchhLFzVCmPXebM8e0d1UFEJcs9V9ENAzLGSst2

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